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How Much Do I Have to Pay the Nursing Home if my Parent is on Florida Medicaid?

by Kellen Bryant

Today I’m going to answer the question,

“How much do I have to pay the nursing home when my parent is on Florida Medicaid?”

In order to reach this answer to this question, we need to cover a couple key points.

First we need to talk about what we’re using to figure out the amount you pay based on, the calculus and the formula.

I’m going to through some definitions that you’re going to hear throughout this experience of having to pay for a nursing home.

Finally, this article is all about what a single person pays the nursing home.  If you are married and your spouse needs nursing care in Florida, I have written a companion article for how much a married person pays a nursing home when on Florida Medicaid.

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What is the patient’s share of costs?

That’s the term that’s used for your share or your parent’s share when you’re in a Florida nursing home.  It can also be known or referred to as “patient responsibility”.

How do we get to this patient share of cost or patient responsibility?

I’m going to teach you the formula that the State of Florida uses to determine how much you parent will have to pay to the nursing home.

First, we’re going to take your parent’s gross income. We find out gross income through Social Security statements and other income statements that your parent gets at the beginning or the end of the year. Think about Social Security income statements, pension statements, things such as that.

It’s the gross income we are concerned about. That’s income before deductions for things such as Medicare, health insurance or tax withholding.

So we’re looking at that top line on that income statement (gross income). We add up all your parent’s income for these amounts — Social Security, investments and pension, which is equal to the total gross income.

From total gross income, then we are going to take certain deductions that the Medicaid laws permit your parent to keep of his or her income.

After we make these deductions, that’s going to be your patient responsibility of what you’re going to have to pay the nursing home.

What kind of deductions can you keep from your income?

You can keep your income to pay your health insurance, your private health Medicare supplement. You can keep that portion of your income.

Next, you can keep a personal needs allowance. That’s your parents’ income that they can keep spending on whatever they want. Currently, it is $105 in Florida. It was recently changed from $35 in the state of Florida.

So your parent can have $105 to spend on things such as a beauty parlor, co-pays and deductibles relating to medical procedures and medications, deodorant, soap, shampoo, snacks, and so forth. They’re only allowed to have a $105 for that, and that’s a deduction.

Those are the two most common deductions, health insurance and the patient responsibility amount. So after making those two deductions from the gross income that we figured earlier, the final result is the patient responsibility.

That’s the amount that you’re going to pay the nursing home each month if your parent is in a Florida nursing home.

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