Florida Elder Law Alert - Jacksonville Attorney Kellen Bryant

Florida Elder Law Alert

by Kellen Bryant

Do you want to protect your assets from:

  • Nursing home costs
  • Assisted living facility costs
  • In-home care providers to help around the house
  • Financial predators and scammers
  • Financial predators in your family
  • Your in-laws…?

According to Prudential’s 2010 Long-Term Care Cost Study, long term care costs in Jacksonville, Florida are:

  • Nursing homes cost on average $215 per day!
  • Assisted living facilities cost on average $2,907 per month!
  • Home health care companies (not covered by Medicare) cost on average $18 per hour!
  • A car accident, family member with addiction problems, or sibling fights can cost you everything!
So I will ask you in another way:  Do you want to preserve your assets to have money available for you and your family if you or a family member needs help when they age so that they can live a longer and more comfortable life?


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